Grupo Apelsa OMRI Listed


Us Mex Nutrition Technologies S.A. de C.V. Nutritec, It is a 100% Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in research and industrialization of selected animal protein, marine and plant. NUTRITEC uses advanced laboratory techniques, the best equipment and industrial machinery under strict quality and safety for the production of organic fertilizers.

A constant investment in technology, highly trained personnel, research and development of new and better products, make us one of the most competitive enterprises of organic fertilizer, with the core values ​​of quality, service and competitive prices to achieve the ultimate goal of the company
“full satisfaction”.

liquid fertilizer

We have the infrastructure and resources needed to adapt production capacity according to customer requirements ensuring continued growth and permanence in the fertilizer market worldwide.

omri certification

Comply with the standards and tests required by the Standard for Organic Products internationally for quality, service, packaging and logistics to meet the demands of our customers worldwide.


Nutritec is part of the Apelsa Group, with over 55 years experience in research and development of nutrients for both the livestock and agricultural industry.

The group was founded in San Luis Potosi by Mr. Mario Lozano Gonzalez and today has production plants in the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi, as well has sales offices in different states inside the Republic.

Competitive Advantages

  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Price
NUTRITEC staffed with over 30 years of experience, highly qualified staff that is in a constant updating and training program under a policy of continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality at each stage of the manufacturing process of organic fertilizers
ORGANIC FERTILIZERS inventory is kept ready to be sent, helps reduce costs and inventory storage, customers can have our products at the time they require.
The raw materials used to manufacture organic fertilizers are carefully selected and processed using the latest technology under strict safety and quality controls at every stage of the process to obtain products that ensure excellent nutrition. Different laboratory tests and efficiency in production lines are made to ensure that ORGANIC FERTILIZERS meet the standards, benchmarks and standards required by the NOP at national and international level. We can provide documentation or additional tests that are requested by customers to certify the quality and effectiveness of our product.
The raw materials used to manufacture organic fertilizers are carefully selected. Through our technical department and customer service staff We can provide documentation, testing, analysis, samples and all the technical information and support required by our customers.
NUTRITEC has reduced imports of ORGANIC FERTILIZERS our country by offering competitive prices to our customers in Mexico, sparing the costs involved in importing such as freight, taxes, investing heavily in large volume purchases and long delivery times. Also, NUTRITEC offers a competitive price for achieving the international market always make proper negotiations to determine the best price and conditions of sale which will be beneficial, useful and successful business relationships long term customer. Service, Quality and Competitive Price are the core values ​​that make NUTRITEC one of the leading companies in the manufacture of organic fertilizers worldwide.